My Story

Dear Cellists,

I am an amateur cellist who has been playing for nearly twelve years now, and would like to offer some practical advice, which, in hindsight, would have helped me a great deal.  I began taking lessons at age six with a neighborhood teacher who worked in my grammar school’s music department.  Since cello had not yet become my primary interest outside of school, I paid little attention to the glacial pace at which I developed, and, frankly, could have cared less if I continued to improve at all.  As I grew older, however, and developed as a pianist, I became more interested in the possibilities that the cello had to offer.  Friends and relatives always asked about the cello ( not the piano) because it seemed different and way more interesting than the “standard” elementary school instruments i.e. piano, violin, flute, guitar.  As my curiosity about my instrument grew, I became frustrated with my limited understanding of basic principles of the instrument e.g. bowhold, vibrato, intonation, stiffness in the neck and shoulders etc.  My parents and I finally decided, after six years, that it was time to switch teachers, and in seventh grade I began private lessons.

I soon realized how little I knew about the cello repertoire as well as the  basics of collaborative playing e.g. orchestral and chamber music.  I, also, on numerous occasions,  made a fool out myself due to my inadequate equipment  and my lack of performance experience.  I am here so you don’t make those mistakes and may have a shorter road to success and enjoyment with your cello!  If you have any questions or comments please let me know, and I will do my best in answering your question, or, at the very least, point you in the right direction.




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