The Bare Necessities Part 1

Are you the parent or friend of someone just starting to play the cello?  Are you looking for a great gift for him or her?  If yes, you might want to consider buying a music stand for that budding artist.  I know it sounds basic, but having an adequate music stand can make a huge difference both in a performance and practice atmosphere.

How can something as basic as a music stand make that much of difference?  On more than one occasion winds have blown over my flimsy, sub-par stand in the middle of an outdoor performance, or the screws of an overworked stand have failed me in the middle of a practice session.  Believe me, you do NOT want that to happen to you or your friend/child.  Knowing what kind of stand to look for makes all the difference.

Here are three commonly used stands:

1. The Basic Folding Stand


This stand works well  for “at home” practicing as well as indoor concerts.  It is lightweight and fold-able making it easy to move from place to place.  Cons of this stand are that it is not conducive to outdoor performances (it will get knocked over by a stiff breeze), and may give you trouble with its screws after much use.

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2. The Manhasset

This is the “classic” music stand you will find in practice rooms and music schools across the country.  It’s sturdy, reliable, and will last forever; and is great for practicing, as well as both indoor and outdoor performances.  

Stand 2

The only con of the manhasset is that it is rather clunky and heavy, making it difficult to move from place to place.

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3. The Sturdy Folding Stand

The sturdy folding stand, as I like to call it, is my stand of choice because it is both easy to move from place to place, and also reliable for outdoor concerts.


The only con of this stand is the possibility of losing the screws used to assemble it.  Many variations of this stand exist, but the image above leads you to the most affordable option.

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