The Bare Necessities Part 2

One common accessory of all cellists that beginners often overlook is the “rockstop” or endpin holder.  This basic accessory allows a cellist to play on any type of floor without worrying about scratching it or sliding all over the place.  Do NOT underestimate the importance of this accessory.  I have had the unfortunate  experiences of sliding back and forth with an inadequate rockstop and scratching my living room floor without one.  Please, do yourself a favor, and buy a competent rockstop.

Listed below are three basic kinds of rockstops.

1. The Basic Rockstop

The basic rockstop was my first rockstop.


It holds well to some surfaces, but, in my experience, has a tendency to slide on harder sufaces such as linoleum, marble, and even some varnished wood floors.  It is the least expensive for a reason.

To purchase this rockstop on, click the image above

2. The Sticky Rockstop

rockstop 2

This rockstop works much better than the basic rockstop because of its adhesive coating along the bottom which sticks to any surface.  The only con of this type, is that its bottom may wear out over time and with use.

To purchase this rockstop on, follow the link below.

3. The Anchor

This is my rockstop of choice.  It lasts forever, provides reliable support, works on any surface, and is adjustable according to your seat.  The only possible con of this type is the unlikely event of an unusually large chair leg not fitting into the back end of the anchor


To purchase this rockstop on, click the image above.